Saturday, 24 September 2016

Blogtember Day 24: Rosie's Project Homage: Pet Clouds!

Hi Honeys
Welcome back! We're on day 24 of the Blogtember Challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog and today is such fun because it's all about praising another wonderful Blogger's work!

Blogtember Day 24

Today's prompt: Recreate an outfit or a project from another blogger. Be sure to link back to the original source!

In preparation for today's post I zipped about Pinterest looking for a fun craft project I could try.  I did find a few furbaby treat recipes I'd like to try, our baby Jade likes plain yoghurt too so I might try one of those soon but for today I decided to stick to a craft I already tried last year, simply because it's such fun and, on a personal note, also because I start early at work today and won't be home again till after 9pm!

I love this craft so much! It's adorable and I've made these cute and ever-so-much-fun "pet clouds" so many times over the past year or so. I've sent them to friends as little additional smiles and popped them inside cards as a cute surprise :)

Here they are then, via the lovely Jenn of rookno17

Pet Clouds.. 

First assemble your supplies....

Pet Cloud craft supplies

Jenn supplies a download (do say hello when you visit honeys she's such a lovely lady and so nice!) of the little header to complete your pet cloud.  So first go here and download it (and say hello too!)

Printable header from Jenn (thank you Jenn hugs x)
Some cotton wool
Some adhesive "moving" eyes - available from craft stores or from amazon.
A pack of 3 inch x 5 inch see through craft bags -available from craft stores or from amazon.
A stapler.

1.  Break off a little cotton wool (I buy mine in a pack of "pleats" but you can use large cotton balls too) Form your cotton wool into a small, fluffy, could shape.

2. Apply eyes.  I bought a pack of self adhesive eyes but you can buy ones you need to use a little craft glue with, be careful to read the pack honeys.  I always buy the peel off backing ones because I'm just not to be trusted near glue! I get it in my hair, on my clothes, it gets everywhere :)

3. You should now have the cutest pet cloud...

Pet cloud made from cotton wool and self adhesive eyes

4. Gently place your cloud into the bag.  Bend your header in half.  I laminate mine.  It gives them a stiffer, more professional finish and looks nice too. Staple the header through the bag (but not the cloud!)

Pet Clouds complete & adorable

5.  Give to friends, pop into cards as an extra wee smile, make some to pop into take home treat bags for mini humans attending birthday parties, spend a fun afternoon with your wee ones making these and happy memories or make some just because! 

There are no words for how much I adore these little clouds honeys :) They make me smile just looking at these photos :) Thank you Jenn for introducing me to them and thank you too to our lovely Baily Jean for including this prompt in this year's Blogtember :)

Till tomorrow dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xxx

Blogtember 2016

Friday, 23 September 2016

Blogtember Day 23: A Family Recipe - Scottish Stovies Rosie Style!

Hi Honeys
Back again for day 23 of the Blogtember Challenge, the fun, yearly link up organized and run by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  We're in the last week!  It's been such fun this year, as always x

Blogtember Day 23

Today's prompt: Share a family recipe  

Have you ever heard of "stovies" honeys?  It's a one pot, use whatever you have, kind of hot pot or stew that was a dinner staple when I was growing up.  It was the first meal I cooked in our first, tiny flat for Hubby after we got married.  I would imagine that most Scots women over a certain age will know what stovies is, will have cooked it countless times, probably learned how to cook it from her mother, who will have learned from her mother and so on.

Thing is though, even though most Scots will know (and love) stovies, if you were to ask thirty Scots for their stovies recipe, you'd more than likely be given thirty entirely different recipes :) I'll share with you my recipe then, originally learned from watching my beloved Gramma as a child and adapted into my own method over the last thirty years or so :)

This is a recipe that costs very little to make, uses up leftovers if you have any (replace the sausages with whatever you do have leftover) and makes a warming and filling family meal for a chilly evening.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Blogtember Day 22: Fall Favourites..

Hi Honeys
We're almost in the final week of Blogtember, the fun link up organized by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Nooooo!I can't believe it's almost over! Time has flown past again this year and it's been so much fun!

Blogtember Day 22 Fall Favourites

Today's prompt: Fall favourites, share your must haves for this season..

Ideally, if I had a choice dear ones, I'd be under a duvet, with a hot water bottle and my furbaby and we'd hibernate, missing autumn and winter completely.  Then my baby wouldn't have to put up with weeks of fireworks in November and again at New Year and I would be quite happy for Hubby to wake us up in spring in time for me to peg out laundry again :)

Adorable pyjama top I saw in Primark - understands me totally!

From around the end of October till the end of January/early February, we have around six hours of daylight, tops :/  Not only that, other than the (never certain anymore) risk of snow which doesn't last terribly long when (or if) it does arrive, we get cold, miserable, rain practically non stop too.  The rain can be very heavy and accompanied by gale force winds (do you remember our very high fence in the back garden being literally ripped out of the ground last year honeys) or it will be the worst kind of "smiddy" rain which isn't heavy at all but still manages somehow to seep through every single layer of clothing to make your bones freeze :/

Add to this (what? that's not enough misery there Rosie?) the torture that cold/damp weather brings to arthritic joints, the increased risk of slips and falls (terrifying! seriously honeys) and is it any wonder I want to hibernate every year?  I am a spring/summer baby, the "other seasons" are to be endured <shudder> I dread their approach every year and wish every day for them to go away again.

That being said, there are a (very) few highlights of this season that I do look forward to.  Such as...

Watching DVDs 

With Hubby & Jade, curtains closed to keep cold outside and the warmth inside, snuggling under a lovely soft blanket. We'll work our way through box sets, or favourite movies.  The perfect way to fill the (too) long evenings.

Among recent box set purchases has been the complete run of  "Goodnight Sweetheart" (a 1990s radio repairman becomes a time traveller when he finds a portal to war time London - sweetest, most fabulous series and I've been loving watching them over again.)

We also just bought a box set containing all nine wonderful episodes of a BBC series (written by the fabulously talented Jessica Hynes) called "Up The Women" following a group of gentle ladies who decide to become suffragettes. Love this!


This year I'm especially excited about my costumes honeys.  At work we're asked to dress up on the Friday and Saturday nearest Halloween, which means two costumes of course.  This year I'm wearing a pretty dress with lots of petticoats, a little crochet shrug on top, I have a fascinator (a mini hat fastened to my hair at the side by a comb) and even a pair of pretty wrist length gloves. Look at me, going all retro :)

The next evening I'm in a Hogwarts uniform, complete with tie and gown, both Slytherin House in honour of my beloved Mr Rickman. He was the only reason I watched the first movie having lost my heart to him many, many years before. I spent years telling everyone that Snape was the hero of the books/films and being told he was the "baddie" (Muggles!) Did I cheer when reading the final book! Oh my yes! :)

All Change in the Kitchen 

In order to battle the elements, we have lovely warming dinners, including huge pots of home made soup, casseroles fresh from the oven, lasange (served with garlic bread of course) cannelloni, and of course a big pot of Scottish stovies, an ever so fond memory from my childhood.  I'll be sharing the recipe for that in tomorrow's family recipes post!

Big Mug of Hot Chocolate With Mini Marshmallows

Finally, my perfect pick-me-up before heading to bed when the elements are horrid outside and I'm sure I can't bear autumn/winter for another minute is a lovely, creamy cup of hot chocolate with a few mini marshmallows thrown in to look pretty on top until they gradually melt and are stirred through the hot chocolate. Yum!

There we have it then honeys, things that make this time of year if not pleasant then at least bearable. Did I mention I'm not a fan?  :)  I can't wait to see what everyone's written today, maybe I can find some other things to help me cope with autumn.

Till tomorrow dear ones, when I'll be back with my favourite winter recipe from childhood, smile lots and hug even more :)  Huggles always xxx  

Blogtember 2016

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Blogtember Day 21: If You Were An Ice Cream, Which Flavour Would You Be?

Hi Honeys
Welcome back :) Well, here we are on day 21 of the Blogtember Challenge, the fun yearly link up organized for us by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog. Only nine more days to go but there's still time to join in! You'll find the list of prompts here honeys...

Blogtember Day 21: if you were an ice cream...

Today's prompt: If you were a flavour of ice cream, which flavour would you be? Why?

What a fun prompt!  Of course I'd love to be able to say I'd be something exotic and interesting like mango & passion fruit flavour, full of rich, interesting flavours working perfectly in combination with gorgeous glossy, pastel shades of syrup whipped through but in reality dear ones, I think I'm a basic, value range tub of vanilla with a generous sprinkle of nuts.

I'm not an interesting person, not even a little. I'd bore myself to tears if I ever paid enough attention. Unless I'm with Hubby, I never (seriously, except to go to work or the Doctors/hospital, never) go outside. I'm the one who disappears in a crowd, nothing to make me stand out you see, except of course I'm not great with crowds. That's when my anxiety takes over and my pesky brain tries to hit the panic attack button :/

Hubby works long hours so the majority of my conversations during the day are with our furbaby Jade, and I'm fine with that :) I'll occasionally talk to squirrels or magpies if I see them in our garden, to the amusement of neighbours I'm sure :) I've been known (more than once) to walk into doors (and once a lamppost) and immediately apologize to them, and have been known to talk to Judge Judy while doing the ironing ("you tell them Judy... especially that cheeky one") Hubby once walked into the living room and said "you know she can't hear you honey?" and I replied that of course she can! Judy knows everything :)

So, yeah honeys, I'm a tub of vanilla with some nutty sprinkles but I'm OK with that :)

Grape-nut ice cream

What flavour has everyone else chosen I wonder...  You'll find everyone else's wonderful posts linked here. Till tomorrow dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Blogtember Day 20: I Wish For The World...

Hi Honeys
It's day twenty of the Blogtember Challenge link up organized by our lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Hasn't it been fun again this year?  I can't believe we're almost three weeks through already! Only ten more days to go! Please catch up with my fellow bloggers all participating today, you'll find today's link up here.

Blogtember Day 20: I wish...

Today's prompt: Something you wish more people knew or believed.

This prompt made me think honeys, there are so many things I wish for the world. Among them are:

  • I passionately wish our elderly citizens were treated with the respect they deserved.  Here in the UK our elderly ladies and gentlemen have worked all of their lives, paying their taxes, raising their families and are sometimes treated as an annoyance, even by their own families :/   TV and the press call them "bed blockers" and accuse them of taking up precious resources such as doctors appointments and hospital beds. I chat to our elderly customers at work and they can seem so lonely, many of my ladies might only have their pet to keep them company. If you ever see an elderly lady or gentleman sitting alone, why not say hello?  chat even for a few minutes.  It could mean the world to someone and might even be the only conversation they have that day.   
  • I wish life was fair. I wish good people never got hurt, I wish kindness wasn't seen as a weakness and exploited so cruelly by the unscrupulous. I wish no child was ever hurt or found themselves facing danger in the world. Ever.  I wish cruelty toward animals did not exist anywhere. Ever.  I wish every human took the time to look into the eyes of an animal and to see a beautiful, sentient soul looking back. 
  • I wish the world understood that some illnesses are invisible.  I wish the world wasn't so quick to judge others or be so quick to write them off.  I wish compassion, respect, kindness and empathy for others were universally taught from an early age and that no one should ever be forced to face life's occasional bumps in the road alone. I wish more people understood the power of a simple hug and that they never felt uneasy or hesitant when faced with another being who badly needs a friendly arm around them. 
  • I wish every child grew up knowing how special they are, that they are all awesome in their own way and that bullying, in all it's forms, would simply vanish from the world, never to be experienced again. I wish that no child ever feels left out or overlooked, that they all have an opportunity to reach their potential and to follow their dreams.
I know, it sounds like the wish list of a dreamer doesn't it honeys, but the thing is, if every one of us decided we wanted the world to be like this, eventually it would be!  We all just have to work towards it, one smile, one kind word and one hug at a time.

Till tomorrow dear ones, wishing you a world full of smiles, hugs and happiness always xxx

Blogtember 2016

Monday, 19 September 2016

Blogtember Day 19: My Favourite Past Posts

Hi Honeys
Back again for day 19 of the Blogtember blogging challenge organized for us all by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.  It's still not too late to join in all the fun and you can find Bailey's daily prompts here.

Blogtember Day 19 - Favourite Past Posts

Today's prompt: A list of your favourite blog posts you've written.

Oh my! Choosing only a handful of posts from among the (not counting this post) 384 posts I've written since starting this blog in January 2014 was not an easy task! I've tried though and here are (some of) my favourites...

Health Matters

What To Expect When Attending Your Mammogram Screening Appointment - This post details my experiences during my very first mammogram screening appointment.  There is also a great video there to watch produced by the Scottish National Health Service as well as a link to a downloadable pdf file with useful information.

Mammogram Update & Helpful Links - This is the update post written when I received my results letter but it also has links to additional, useful downloadable pdf information leaflets.

12 Ways To Stay Cool In A Heatwave & 6 Ways To Help Furbabies Stay Cool Too - Ways to have fun but stay safe on hot, Summer days and to help keep your furbabies safe too.

Smoothie Packs: How An Hour A Week Can Help You Be Healthier!  I love this post.  As I type this I still have a drawer in our freezer with these little pre-made super healthy fruit bags all ready to become yummy smoothies :)

Blogtember day 18: Products That Simplify My Life

Hi Honeys
Back again for day eighteen of the Blogtember Challenge, a fabulous link up organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.

Blogtember is a fun opportunity for bloggers to challenge themselves to post every day for a whole month, Bailey Jean has even provided writing prompts for each day (which you can read here.)

Blogtember Day 18

Today's prompt: One product that simplifies your life..

There are so many products surrounding us everyday that we take for granted but that exist purely to make our lives easier.  No prizes, if you know me even a teeny tiny bit, which product is my favourite :)  Where would I be without my washing machine?

Greatest product ever challenge - well it has to be my washing machine!

I'll share a smile dear ones, on the day our current washing machine was delivered by Argos the delivery man wheeled it into the kitchen on a trolley type thingie and asked me if I'd like a minute before he took our old one away "I know what you women are like with your washers" he said. Adding that he'd just delivered a washer to one lady who was upset as he took her old one away.

I know what you're probably thinking honeys.  The sexist git! How dare he think all women's lives are so empty that we become so attached to what is after all only a machine, a device to save time and labour over an everyday homemaking task.   The thing is honeys, when my washer died on me after over eight years of faithful service, I was bereft! It felt like we'd had an actual bereavement in the family!

Furthermore, I know I'm not alone!  Far more than just the lady cited by the deliveryman, at work I've heard both co-workers and customers bemoan the loss of their washers, always to be met by nodding of heads and understanding from any women present.  I've yet to hear a man admit to having an emotional attachment to a washing machine, although they are very attached to their cars, also an inanimate object :)

So, was the Argos deliveryman being sexist then? No, he was being object-ist!  Has any man ever experienced a similar soul-draining feeling of loss when their car/van/truck dies on them and goes to the great junk yard in the sky?  I'll bet they have ladies :)  So, I cared not a jot that the deliveryman grinned while I gave my faithful old friend a hug before he popped the trolley under it and wheeled it away.  It was the end of an era.

Now of course, some two years later I'm rather fond of, and grateful to, our present washer because I have vivid (albeit fond) memories of sitting in the kitchen watching my beloved Gramma working her way through her laundry with only a double sink, with huge hand operated mangle sitting between them, and a wash board.  It was a labour intensive and back breaking task and bless her she smiled, and sometimes sang while she did it every week.

How then could I not appreciate and adore my washing machine?

Can I cheat a little and choose two products instead of just the one? If so, can I also give a shout out to the best product, other than the washing machine, that certainly simplifies this housewife's life. Oddly enough it too is laundry related.... What do you mean you're not surprised?  :)
What would I do on rainy days without my pulley?

In January last year we bought a pulley. I remember as a child every home seemed to have these wonderful, laundry drying devices. I had no idea they were even still made! So imagine my excitement when I saw this one listed on Amazon!

Where we live honeys, it rains... a lot!  The difference having our wonderful pulley to use on laundry days (which is almost every day) has made can not be over stated. No more standing airers dotted around our home cluttering up the place.  It has certainly simplified my life and I adore it :)

What can I say honeys, laundry makes me happy!  Laundry is my favourite homemaking task.  Had I lived a hundred years ago I would have been a laundress and spent my days working on everyone else's laundry and I would have been singing the whole time :)

My favourite days are laundry days!

Till next time dear ones, hugs lots and smile even more, and do please visit and read the other lovely bloggers posts here,  huggles always xxx

Blogtember 2016

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Bye Bye Bygel!

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to recommend any products, just sharing our latest little organizing project and hopefully some smiles too x

Hi Honeys
I know today is supposed to be day seventeen of the fabulous Blogtember challenge, and you can see everyone's posts, as well as our host, Bailey Jean's vlog too of course, here, but I don't vlog dear ones.  I have no idea how and even if I could figure it out, well, I'm no where near confident enough I'm afraid.

However, the point of Blogtember is that we should try to post every day for the month of September, so even if I can't join in with the vlogging challenge, I wanted to post today so I've decided to share a mini homemaking project that's made me smile today :)

Saying A Sad Farewell To Ikea's Bygel Range Which Is No Longer On Sale

You might remember that I recently complained mentioned :) that Ikea, my happy place, had discontinued one of my favourite organizing ranges, the Bygel range.  We have the rails, baskets and containers from the Bygel range all over our home and I absolutely adore them.  

Ikea have now replaced Bygel with a similar range of products called Sunnersta.  The Sunnersta range again includes a rail and containers.  I was undecided at first, I don't cope well with change honeys (I need to work on that someday...) but on our last visit we bought two of these new rails and some containers just to compare them.  We've a long ways to go before our home can be described as organized so we knew they'd be used somewhere :)