Thursday, 3 July 2014

How To Almost Double The Space In Your TShirt Drawer!

Hi honeys :)
Today I thought I'd share something I adore. This was my very first organizational project :) You can find images all over Pinterest of neatly organized t shirt drawers, but the first time I ever saw this method was a video by the wonderful Alejandra Costello, whose fabulous You Tube videos started me on my organizational journey. Alejandra uses a folding board but I don't have one of those so I thought I'd share a step by step of how I fold them before "filing" them :)

I've been doing this for over 18 months now and it makes life so, so easy! Hubby even watched me one evening and asked if he could have a try and now he helps :)

There really isn't a downside to this! You can see at a glance exactly what's in your drawer & grab what you're looking for, you can fit so much more in the drawer than when they're laid flat & it makes putting laundry away a dream!

So here is my little step by step of how I fold t shirts, as well as my pyjamas, vest tops and nighties too :)

So, this is my hubby's t shirt drawer......

Am I alone in having a hubby who owns too many t shirts?  Is this a man thing? The small collection in his day to day drawer (shown above) include work t shirts which he wears under his shirt, a collection of cotton t shirts he sleeps in, and a small selection of whatever are his favourites at that point in time, to wear on weekends.  He owns somewhere in the region of 90 plus t shirts, including various tour shirts which go a lot of back years.

I do get the t shirt thing if I'm honest, they're comfortable and, like those tour shirts, bring back some great memories :)  ok, so we have a stack of freshly laundered t shirts and an empty drawer to fill, so lets get started.....

Step One:    

You'll need a flat folding surface. Lay your t shirt flat, face down, as below....

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

Step Six:

Step Seven:

and then....

Step Eight:

and finally.....

Step Nine:

Seriously, how easy is that? Great thing is that the more you fold, the easier, and faster, it gets to fold them.  Once folded, just "file" them in the drawer with the folded edge uppermost so that it's seen.

I really do love this method and as I said I've moved it across other items such as my vest tops, nightgowns & pyjamas and of course my own t shirt collection :)

So honeys, do you "file" your t shirts? If so, how do you fold them? Do you use a folding board like Alejandra & Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" (I SO love that show) do? Or do you fold them by hand like me?

I hope you've had a great week & that you'll have a fabulous weekend honeys, till my next post, sending heaps of hugs your way xx


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